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talkshoplive® is the first live streaming, social buying and selling platform for anyone, anywhere. You can sell and buy products from mops to mopeds, frying pans to pearls.

We hope to empower everyone: from entrepreneurs to home chefs, budding fitness gurus or the average social media user. talkshoplive® lets you host your own streaming show and move product that inspires and betters your customer -- speaking directly to your existing followers and beyond.

Direct sales are an honored American tradition, whether you welcomed in the Avon rep or the Hoover salesperson into your home for sage advice on buying products you need and love. Or you dialed up the cable TV home shopping team to talk at length about the perfect piece of costume jewelry or a better stain remover. That tradition comes from a place of trust, and we believe that endorsements are sacred.

At talkshoplive®, you’re buying from your friends. It’s a modern day peer-to- peer network on a full-service, streamlined platform that puts an international storefront in your hand. We also give you the freedom to sell items at home, on-the- go, or in a professional broadcast setting via your own live stream channel.

Welcome to your 24/7 direct social-selling network! Now, time to talk + shop + live!

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